f2pool Account Setup Guide

    It is needed to sign up for an f2pool account before BTC, LTC and ETH (PPS+) mining, for the wallet address configuration, worker and revenue monitoring, payment records checking.

    ETH (PPS), ETC, ZEC, DASH and other coins can be mined without registration, and you can just input the pool URL, wallet address and worker name in the miner software or ASIC miner’s backstage. If for the revenue checking and worker monitoring of anonymous coin types, please input your wallet address in the search box on the top right of f2pool’s website: https://www.f2pool.com/ and then press enter or click on the “Go” button.

    Sign Up

    1. Open the f2pool official website and click on “Sign Up” on the top right
    2. Input the sign up information as below
    3. There will be an activation email sent to the sign up email after registration
    4. Click the link in the email to activate your account and the registration has been completed. If there is no email, please check if it is in the spam folder.

    Wallet address configuration

    1. Click on “Account Settings” after signing in
    2. Go to the “Payout Settings” page
    3. Choose the coin type you mine first, and then add the wallet address
    4. Here we take BTC as an example
    5. Please note that the wallet setup is not finished yet. You need to check your email and confirm

    And that would be an email named ”[f2pool] BTC Address Change” in your inbox. If there is no email, please check if it is in the spam box. Open the mail and click on the link to setup or change your wallet address.

    The wallet address has been successfully added.

    Please note: Once the wallet address is added or changed for the first time, the system will freeze your future 3 payouts, which will pay you all together.