VCASH Withdrawal Guide

    Miners who mine BTC with f2pool can earn VCASH merged mining rewards.

    Please use one of the following exchanges to receive your VCASH mining revenue:

    Exchange Website Payout Threshold Wallet format
    Bkex 0.01 VCASH wallet address(format:https://……)


    • Create an account on the exchange of your choice
    • Navigate to the Deposit section and find your VCASH wallet address

    As always, we recommend our miners to avoid leaving large amounts of coins on exchanges. The official VCASH wallet can be downloaded from the VCASH Website.

    Setup pool payout address

    1. Log in to your f2pool account

    2. From the top right corner of the webpage, go to Account Settings > Mining Accounts > Payout Settings > BTC > VCASH Merged Mining > Add VCASH Address to add a VCASH payout address for a specified mining account

    3. Select the exchange you want to use from the list, input your VCASH deposit address, enter your 2FA verification code and click “Go”.

    4. After submission, f2pool will send a verification email to your registered email address. Please log in to your email and click the verification link to finish the payout address setup process.

    Request withdrawal

    From the Revenue page on your f2pool Dashboard, you can view your VCASH balance and click the Withdraw button to initiate the withdrawal process. Your VCASH mining revenue will be sent to your payout address at the next daily payout.