To add a new mining guide, you need to follow two steps.

The coin file

Make sure there is a coin file for the coin you want to add the guide. Have a look at the _coins folder and see if you have it there. Otherwise you will need to create one. This file contains all the information about the coin, and will be used as a basis to generate the mining guide.

The content of the coin file needs to look like this. Please copy this and paste it in the new file you will create in GitLab, then edit accordingly.

layout: coin
name: Bitcoin
symbol: BTC
cpu_mining: NO
gpu_mining: NO
asic_mining: YES
mode: PPS+
fee: 2.5
payout_threshold: 0.005
  - url: "stratum+tcp://"
    location: eu
color: "#F8941A"
  - name: "Bitcoin Whitepaper"
    url: ""

Note: Some fields may be missing - for example you can remove website, links if you don’t want to add them.

Note: it is very important that you set the coin name correctly here and that it matches the categories of the articles / updates / guides related to that coin.

Note: It is very important that you set the mode, fee and payout_threshold and stratum_servers to the correct values, because these are used to fill in these two FAQs also: Which stratum server should I connect to? / What are the pool fees and the minimum payout thresholds?

The guide file

Create the actual guide under the _guides folder. The name of the file should look like this: (don’t forget .md in the end!).

The content of the new file should look like this. Please copy the template below, paste it in GitLab’s new file.

layout: mining_guide
  - Bitcoin

The only important thing in the guide file is to have the coin as the category. You don’t need to provide any more content here, as the guide will be automatically generated using the information from the coin file.