The Ethereum DAG file size is estimated to reach 4 GB on December 25, 2020 at 2:00 UTC. After that, mining Ethereum with 4GB GPUs or ASICs will be affected. Miners can refer to the following ways to deal with the change:

1. Use software like Bminer v16.4, lolMiner or Teamredminer. Both of these support continued mining of ETH with 4 GB memory devices but with some loss of hashrate, since every time the epoch file grows in a 4 - 5 day cycle, the hashrate will decrease slightly.

2. Modify your GPU’s onboard memory units. Find a reliable service provider to change the miner’s memory units to a higher capacity to continue mining ETH.

3. Switch to other networks with your current, unmodified hardware. 4 GB GPUs will continue work on mining other coins such as BEAM, RVN, SERO, and ETC. You may refer to the f2pool Popular Miners page to see revenue information on different networks.