The Ethereum network will perform an upgrade on block height 12,965,000, which is estimated to happen at about 12:00, August 5, 2021, UTC. We’ve upgraded our node and set up Flashbots MEV, as Ethereum miners with F2Pool you do not need to do anything specifically for the upgrade.

After the upgrade, the fixed block reward will remain the same, however, the gas fee structure will be adjusted to “BaseFee + Tips”. The BaseFee in each block will be burned and the Tips will still be a part of the miner’s income. Due to the fees burned, there will be possible decreases in fees. As fees are a result of network activity, this is usually hard to estimate since it’s subject to the actual gas fees mined.

The London upgrade will also push back the difficulty bomb to December 2021. Before the bomb is triggered, you may continue taking part in Ethereum mining.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at or open a support ticket.