From 2022-03-30 to 2022-12-31, we will offer zero commission fees on all coins we support for Ukrainian miners. To apply for zero fees, you may provide the materials for identity verification by following these instructions:

1. Take photos of one of your government-issued ID documents, such as your ID card, passport and driving license. Please make sure all your ID information is shown clearly, for example, providing both the front and back sides of your ID card.

2. Hold one of your ID documents and take a photo with it. Make sure the photo clearly displays your face and the main page of the document.

3. Make copies of proofs that show your mining devices are located in Ukraine, ranging from certificates of leasing, utility bills to onsite photos.

4. Send the required files mentioned above to using your email registered in your f2pool account, and name the title as “Apply for zero fees as a Ukrainian miner”.

All the required files mentioned above are for identity verification purposes of this event only. We will inform you about the verification result within 7 business days from the time we receive your email.

Please note that the same identity information is only eligible for applying zero fees for one mining account and its subaccounts under the same email. It is possible that we cease your zero fee arrangements without further notifications if any anomaly is discovered regarding the ID verification.

f2pool reserves all rights for the final explanations for this event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or open a support ticket.