Dear ETH miners,

Our ETH pool mining service will terminate at the time of the Merge completes. Thanks again for being with us over the years!

The calculation of ETH mining rewards ended by the same block. We will complete the reward settling on the following day and make the payouts by 2022-09-24. To receive your mined ETH rewards, please check the availability of your wallet address or add a valid address if you have not done it. Refer to this guide.

After 2022-09-24, if there are unpaid balances of no less than 0.002 ETH in your accounts, please click the “Manual Withdrawal” button on your Revenue page to apply for the withdrawal. The withdrawal will only be available by 2023-01-01 at 00:00 UTC, please make sure you complete the withdrawal by this day.

After the Merge completes, the remaining hashrate in our ETH pool will be redirected to our ETF (EthereumFair) mining pool automatically, as a way to reduce losses from running the rigs. You may view the details on your Revenue page.

We also plan to launch our ETHW mining pool, and will keep you up to date about it in our following announcements.

If you choose not to mine ETF, please change the configuration in your mining software to select other coins such as ETC (free mining now!), RVN, ERG, CFX and so on. We will continue to provide stable and reliable mining pool services for you.

Here are some helpful links: Popular Miners, and mining guides of ETC, RVN, ERG, and CFX.