f2pool has launched the mining services on Aleo testnet 3, as the incentivized testnet stage has been activated.

Mining rewards will be settled daily as credits, according to the payout scheme of PPLNS, and then accrue in your f2pool account. Adding of wallets and reward withdrawals are currently not supported, we will send payouts according to Aleo’s follow-up post about the details of the incentives. Please stay tuned for our further announcement.

Aleo is a new layer-1 blockchain platform for creating scalable and private applications applying zero-knowledge cryptography, by using a hybrid consensus architecture named AleoBFT, which leverages PoS to achieve instant finality for block confirmation. It leverages PoW “coinbase puzzle” that rewards the development of faster techniques for proof generation.

Currently, you may mine on Aleo testnet 3 with your Nvidia GPUs at f2pool. Please refer to this guide for the requirements and configuration.

Please kindly note that, in order to receive incentivized testnet rewards, KYC process is required after launching the mainnet. If f2pool cannot pass through KYC by the Aleo project team, we will not be eligible to receive rewards from the network and thus cannot distribute them to you. Also, we will restrict our services to the regions that are under Aleo official’s restriction, for more information please check here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@f2pool.com or open a support ticket.