How to mine EthereumPoW

    EthereumPoW (ETHW) is an Ethereum fork and keeps using PoW consensus. For more information, please check out the official website.

    1. Obtain suitable hardware

    ✅ EthereumPoW can be efficiently mined with GPU and ASIC mining machines.

    ❌ EthereumPoW cannot be efficiently mined with CPU cards.

    View our Miners page to discover the most profitable devices for EthereumPoW mining.

    2. Obtain a wallet address

    You will need to get a wallet address if you do not have one already. An EthereumPoW wallet address is required for you to receive your mining rewards. f2pool distributes mining revenues on a daily basis to every user who reaches the payout threshold.

    you could also choose an exchange, such as MEXC Global and Gate. Note: You should always do your own due diligence when choosing a wallet provider or exchange.

    3. Sign up for an f2pool account

    You will need to create an f2pool account before mining EthereucmPoW. If you do not have one yet, please click here to register.

    Set an account name. This will be required for configuration. You are free to create multiple subaccounts to monitor your mining machines.

    4. Configure mining software

    Mine by GPUs

    PhoenixMiner, Bminer, lolMiner, Team Red Miner, NBMiner and GMiner are popular options for mining EthereumPoW.

    After you have downloaded your chosen mining software, uncompress it, find the start.bat or start.cmd file, right-click on it, and click Edit.

    Replace the file’s existing commands with the commands from the chart below that correspond to your chosen mining software.

    Software Commands Notes
    NBMiner nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u account_name.worker_name  
    GMiner miner.exe –algo ethash –server –user account_name.worker_name  
    PhoenixMiner PhoenixMiner.exe -epool -ewal account_name -worker worker_name -pass x  
    Bminer bminer -uri ethstratum://  
    lolMiner lolMiner.exe –algo ETHASH –pool –user account_name.worker_name  

    Replace account_name with your f2pool mining account name set in Step 2.

    Finally, save the start file and exit. Double-click the start file when you’re ready to start mining.

    Mine with ASICs

    If you mine EthereumPoW with ASIC miners, no mining software is required to be run on your computer. All you need is the proper electricity setup to meet the power consumption requirements and a reliable internet connection.

    Please note that your ASICs should have a wired connection to your local network and that your computer and your ASICs should be on the same network.

    Use any modern browser that accesses the IP address of your machine, then connect to an f2pool server. You’ll need to enter the following information into your mining device:

    URL: stratum+tcp://

    Username: account_name.worker_name

    Password: Enter a password of your choice

    Replace account_name with your f2pool mining account name set at Step 2.

    Example configuration

    A miner with the mining account name oceanminer and a worker named bigfish1 who wants to connect to the NA server would configure his device as follows:

    URL: stratum+tcp://

    Username: oceanminer.bigfish1

    Password: 123456

    Please note

    stratum+tcp:// or stratum+tcp:// can be used as a backup server URL.

    5. Start mining!

    Your machines are now ready to mine! You can manage your account settings and monitor your hashrate, revenue, and payouts in your dashboard or in our f2pool app.

    If you run into any problems mining EthereumPoW, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at, open a support ticket, or start a conversation on reddit.

    To stay updated with the latest PoW news and developments, follow us on Twitter!

    Happy mining!