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F2Pool Launches Crypto Mining Pool Service in Kazakhstan

21 December 2023 • By f2pool

F2Pool is now a fully accredited mining pool in Kazakhstan. Enjoy our seamless localized services and excellent support now.


F2Pool Launches NFT Series to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

05 May 2023 • By f2pool

f2pool celebrates its 10th anniversary by launching our Bitcoin Ordinals NFT series, honoring a decade of PoW and mining industry milestones.


F2Pool Launches Ukrainian Language and Aid

04 March 2022 • By Daniel Hwang

F2Pool now officially provides Ukrainian language support and aid!


Deploying the London bridge to new horizons

26 July 2021 • By JK

There are 5 EIP that are planned to be included in the London hardfork. We will be exploring these in more detail.


The EIP-1559 rabbit hole

23 July 2021 • By Daniel Hwang

With the London hardfork anticipated for August 4th, we thought it would be pertinent to go over some key facts, reminders, and clarifications for EIP-1559.


F2Pool’s commitment to sustainability

01 July 2021 • By Daniel Hwang

f2pool has committed its resources to establish initiatives exploring and designing projects that aim to offset its carbon footprint.


Why would f2pool participate in the democratization of MEV with Flashbots?

12 May 2021 • By Daniel Hwang

f2pool is officially supporting the Flashbots organization and the goals of minimizing the negative impacts of MEV.


F2Pool 8th anniversary auction!

30 April 2021 • By Daniel Hwang

F2Pool is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a special, commemorative Mr. Misang NFT auction!


Into the mempool: Empty blocks

21 April 2021 • By Daniel Hwang

Empty blocks. What are they good for? Absolutely… nothing? The incentivization mechanism which is built to enforce proper behavior, mining empty blocks is a side effect of the chain's developing cryptoeconomic growth.


Decentralized, privacy-preserving malicious traffic protection with hCaptcha

26 March 2021 • By Daniel Hwang

f2pool has made the switch from reCaptcha to hCaptcha to block malicious automated traffic.


Staying on the (b)right side of history: EIP-1559

25 February 2021 • By JK

We would like to present detailed clarifications of our support of EIP-1559’s critical improvements to the Ethereum ecosystem.


A miner difference: A subtle change in terminology

03 February 2021 • By Daniel Hwang

F2Pool has not sold a single bitcoin in 2021. But how is this possible if there are charts that show bitcoin outflows from wallets tagged “F2Pool”?


Hashrate flows: 2020 from the crypto miner’s perspective

31 December 2020 • By Ashton Playsted

In this article, we’ll highlight the most impressive mining moments of 2020 and discuss the outlook for crypto mining in 2021.


New-gen miners: A vision of the future

18 December 2020 • By Dan Martin

This third article in our “f2pool and the rise of crypto mining” series explores the future of mining and thoughts and insights from Chun Wang and Discus Fish, co-founders of f2pool.


ASICs and entrepreneurs: The founding of China’s first mining pool

09 December 2020 • By Ashton Playsted

This is the second article in our “f2pool and the rise of crypto mining” series. In this edition, we trace the early history of f2pool and its two co-founders, Chun Wang and Discus Fish.


Eth1 mining in a post-Eth2 world: What miners should know

04 December 2020 • By Ashton Playsted

Ethereum’s transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake has been planned since the earliest days of the network—which means Ethereum miners have been apprehensive about the future of their industry since the very beginning.


Genesis: A look back on the origins of Bitcoin mining in China

19 November 2020 • By Ashton Playsted

This is the first article in our new series: f2pool and the rise of crypto mining. We hope sharing some of our stories can provide some insight on what it was like to be a pioneer in the “Wild West” days of the early Bitcoin mining world.


Cypherpunks: Ride on the cyclic hedge

07 October 2020 • By Ashton Playsted

Back in May, early Bitcoin pioneers Chun Wang, co-founder of f2pool, and Jeff Garzik, founder of Bloq and former Bitcoin core developer, sat down to reflect on the early days of Bitcoin mining, their own mining journeys, the future of the crypto landscape, and many other topics.


Can you make money as a Bitcoin miner?

03 September 2020 • By Bharath Kanmihalli Bhaskar

Yes, you can! In fact, profits can be huge if various underlying economic variables are taken into account. At the same time, Bitcoin mining can be a loss-making activity if you have an inadequate understanding of the economics.


Random In Pieces: A Little Dogecoin History

28 August 2020 • By Malcolm Cannon

Dogecoin’s all-time high was in early 2018 when it reached $0.017 a coin. This resulted in a total market cap of around $2 billion. Its history has always been a little bit random, but in 2014 random block rewards were forced to RIP.


Beginner’s guide to Ethereum 2.0

27 July 2020 • By JK

In an attempt to improve scalability, security and decentralization, there are numerous changes coming to how Ethereum functions.


2020: The Bitcoin Mining year so far

27 July 2020 • By Thomas Heller

A year with a Bitcoin halving and global epidemic rolled into one, it's truly one of a kind. Let’s review the first six months with the Top 10 most impactful moments.


How do I join a Bitcoin mining pool?

22 July 2020 • By Malcolm Cannon

By joining a pool, miners combine their computing power and receive a split of the block reward equally based on the hashrate they contribute to the pool.


Crypto in Korea

10 July 2020 • By Malcolm Cannon

The South Korean government recently introduced regulatory clarity and practical support for cryptocurrencies. Crypto projects are tapping into existing user bases to establish retail demand.


Is Bitcoin Mining Legal?

07 July 2020 • By Bharath Kanmihalli Bhaskar

With many Institutional Investors and Generation-Z gathering huge interest in Bitcoin Mining and the decentralized cryptocurrency as a whole, it is all the more important to keep oneself informed about the legality of Bitcoin Mining.


How centralized is Bitcoin Mining?

24 June 2020 • By Malcolm Cannon

The inertia that keeps the majority of hashrate in China could eventually lose its grip on the mining industry. How centralized is mining today, and what factors are encouraging adoption in the rest of the world?


How Ethereum 2.0 will impact miners

13 May 2020 • By Bharath Kanmihalli Bhaskar

As we approach the release of Ethereum 2.0, it's worth reflecting on how this change will impact miners and where the excess GPU power will be pointed once ETH switches to Proof-of-Stake.


Bitcoin Mining and Finance

26 April 2020 • By Malcolm Cannon

We’re seeing the mining and finance worlds coming closer together, with large operators offering financial services tied to their mining activities. Bitcoin miners, just like traditional commodity miners, will likely become large users of derivatives.


Bitcoin Mining Pools: 101

18 March 2020 • By Thomas Heller

By contributing their hashrate to a mining pool, a mining farm can earn a consistent payout every day. The size and bitcoin reserves of a large pool means that they can can guarantee a fixed payout to the farm based on their miners’ hashrate.


Re-decentralizing the Internet with Handshake

18 February 2020 • By Malcolm Cannon

Handshake is an experiment which seeks to explore the new ways, and the necessary tools, to build a more decentralized internet. The project aims to make the DNS root anchor decentralized, so that the web is no longer controlled by these centralized third parties.