F2Pool Launches Crypto Mining Pool Service in Kazakhstan

    21 December 2023. Written by f2pool

    F2Pool is now a fully accredited mining pool in Kazakhstan. Enjoy our seamless localized services and excellent support now.

    We are excited to announce that F2Pool Kazakhstan, our local branch, obtained the accreditation of digital mining pool from the Kazakhstan government in December 2023. As a leading global cryptocurrency mining pool, we have launched our new website specifically designed for users in Kazakhstan, underscoring F2Pool’s commitment to providing localized services and support to our growing global user base.

    Being a fully accredited mining pool provider in Kazakhstan lets us operate transparently and legally in the region. We value the clarity and comprehensive nature of this process. The implementation of these regulations bolsters market confidence, marking a significant step towards a secure and orderly cryptocurrency mining environment in Kazakhstan. At f2pool, we are excited to be a part of this well-regulated ecosystem.

    Our goal is to serve all licensed individual and enterprise crypto miners in Kazakhstan. We offer them a user-friendly platform to engage in cryptocurrency mining. Our new website, f2pool.kz, now provides our extensive mining pool services, excellent connectivity, transparent rewards, continuous payouts, competitive mining fees, and efficient customer support for crypto mining. Upon launch, we are offering a limited-time discount of 25% on the pool commission on f2pool.kz for mining Bitcoin. Miners can create an account here, and use our pool URL of stratum+tcp://btc-kz.f2pool.com:3333 (backup port 1314).

    As a world-leading mining pool since 2013, F2Pool has mined most Bitcoin blocks of any other pool and serves miners in over 100 countries. We are thrilled to take another step forward as one of the first fully-regulated mining pools in Kazakhstan. We look forward to building the mining industry together. Happy mining with us!

    About f2pool

    f2pool is a geographically distributed mining pool that has been helping miners around the world secure Bitcoin and other PoW networks since 2013.

    Written by f2pool