F2Pool 8th anniversary auction!

    30 April 2021. Written by Daniel Hwang

    F2Pool is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a special, commemorative Mr. Misang NFT auction!

    F2Pool is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a special, commemorative Mr. Misang NFT auction! This custom made NFT art piece will be auctioned on the SuperRare platform on May 5th 1 PM UTC and will last for 8 days!

    F2Pool logo

    F2Pool has been supporting the proof of work ecosystem for 8 years growing to one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools in the world alongside leading hashrates in many other cryptocurrencies. Through bear markets and bull markets, F2Pool has provided essential blockchain infrastructure services to the growth of the networks.

    Mr Misang

    Mr. Misang is a renowned artist based in South Korea. His illustration career has led him to work with many of Korea’s top names and brands including: Bighit Entertainment (the label behind BTS), Hyundai Motors, Samsung, and Riot Games Korea. His recent work has explored specific societal critiques and themes with his last art series, ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’ amassing over 859 ETH in sales in the span of a month and featured illustrations in articles like the Foreign Policy journal on Korean society.

    As a leading PoW mining pool, discussions and investigations into the impact of mining have been important to us. As stewards of the PoW ecosystem as infrastructure providers, F2Pool recognizes its responsibility as stewards of the planet as well. Therefore 50% of the proceeds from the auction will be going to the purchasing of carbon credits and the full primary sale fees from SuperRare will be completely contributed as well.

    Save the Planet

    However, we understand that this one off purchasing of carbon credits is only a temporary measure. As such, we are also officially announcing the Blockchain Infrastructure Carbon Working Group. F2Pool alongside its sister company stakefish will be leading the discussions and investigating opportunities to establish standards and frameworks on carbon footprint measurement, offset options for blockchain infrastructure providers in both PoW and PoS networks, and future opportunities for carbon neutral incentivization mechanisms!

    In this special F2Pool 8th anniversary NFT by Mr. Misang, you will find elements paying homage to F2Pool’s 8 years of mining infrastructure support and a small but important tribute to our commitment to taking responsibility for the carbon footprint of blockchain.

    Written by Daniel Hwang

    Daniel Hwang