How to mine with f2pool using NiceHash

    NiceHash is a hashrate exchange platform where miners can purchase hashrate for different algorithms to mine via f2pool mining pools.

    Hashrate purchased from NiceHash will be shown as a single mining machine after connecting to f2pool. With a standard configuration, f2pool will consider it a standard mining machine and delegate inappropriate mining tasks to it, which will result in a high rejection rate.

    In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to configure your mining parameters to mine successfully using hashrate rented from NiceHash!


    You’ll need to configure the following parameters in NiceHash to start mining with f2pool:

    Custom pool name: Any name of your choice

    Algorithm: The algorithm used to mine your coin (see the table below)

    Stratum hostname or IP: An f2pool server URL

    Port: The port for the f2pool server

    Username: Your f2pool username or wallet address

    Password: Enter the password exactly as it appears in the table below; for passwords labeled x, any sequence of characters will be accepted

    Coin Algorithm Stratum Port Username Password
    Bitcoin SHA256 3333 f2pool username fd=524288 (fd=2^n, 19≤n≤25)
    Decred Blake256r14 5730 wallet address x
    DigiByte SHA256 11110 wallet address d=2251799813685248 (d=2^n, 51≤n≤63
    DigiByte Scrypt 11111 wallet address d=274877906944 (d=2^n, 38≤n≤63)

    Please Note

    The full list of f2pool mining pool servers for the coins supported for NiceHash mining is available here.

    Start mining today!

    You are ready to go.

    As long as you’re submitting your hashrate successfully, you will receive payouts from f2pool.

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    Happy mining!