Flashbots has released bundle merging!

    More additions to the Flashbots product suite have arrived! Nvidia announced plans to limit their new GPUs hashrate. Bitcoin Pizza Day was celebrated all over the world.

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    Mining industry


    The latest difficulty adjustment from May 13th, saw an increase of 21.53% โ€“ one of the largest adjustments recorded.

    Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustments


    Flashbots has released v0.2 and along with it introduced bundle merging. Bundle merging is an additional way flashbots associated miners can be incentivized to earn more by mining multiple bundled transactions per block. The end results of these continued improvements and additions to the Flashbots product suite is that users donโ€™t need to compete as much against bots and can get included more readily all while the system incentivizes all the stakeholders!

    Nvidia has announced its plans to reduce the hashrate for its newly manufactured GeForce RTX 3080, 3070 and 3060 Ti graphics cards so theyโ€™re less desirable to miners.


    The open source kawpowminer for Ravencoin has been updated to version 1.2.4. This update brings support for Nvidia 30XX GPUs.


    Dash network reduced its block rewards from 2.88to 2.67 DASH at block height 1,471,681 on May 16th. With it, miner block rewards were reduced from 1.36to 1.25 DASH.

    Dev and network


    Blockchain.com supports segwit: v4.49.1 of its wallet to add the ability to create a wallet with native segwit send and receive support.

    Application and Adoption


    Etherscan adds ENS names to transaction lists.

    Coinbase introduced its wallet browser extension to the public with native mobile sync. Transactions can be initiated directly via desktop but also require user confirmation on their Wallet mobile app.


    The last hardfork of Beam brought support for Confidential Assets. Beam Confidential Assets (CA) are similar to ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network. CAs can be controlled by smart contracts which enables trustless distribution models, capped supplied CAs, and the ability to distribute via staking various assets.



    May 22nd was Bitcoin Pizza Day! Would you still buy Pizza with 10,000 BTC?


    Dark Forest v0.6 game started last May 23rd! In Dark Forest v0.6, players will follow a spacefaring race known as the Seekers on an expedition through the multiverse.

    Dark Forest v0.6 winners will be awarded prize planets of different rarities and enshrined in Valhalla.


    BlockExplorer.com, the new HNS block explorer, goes live!

    HNS Fund announced the launch of the HNS Fund DAO with the start of the Fundraising and Ambassador teams.


    Firo is looking for feedback on their upcoming grants program, incentivizing outside contributors to the project as privacy should be for everyone.

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