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    Mining industry


    Bitcoin mining profitability

    Bitcoin mining was not affected by the increasing complexity of international markets. Despite fluctuations, mining revenue reminds at some level as one month ago, at $0.17 for each TH/s.

    Bitcoin machine breakeven price

    New machines continue to join, without being affected by the tumbling market. Although mining difficulty adjustment posted a 4.78% increase, combined with price drops, many mainstream machines still generate stable profits, as shown in the table above.


    Ethereum profitability

    Ethereum is seeing inflows of hashrate as well. It experienced drops in the past week but is performing better than 1 month ago when revenue was down to its lowest level in 1 year. The network recorded a new highest Avg difficulty of 13P on 2022-02-13.

    Dev and network


    In the latest AllCoreDevs call, devs discussed the merged test, beacon chain withdrawal, and EIPs. Check out a recap Twitter thread by Tim Beiko.

    Ethereum Classic

    ETC Core Devs Call 22 discussed the proposed rejection of Keccak256 ECIP-1049. The new Champion and the editor of the ECIP agreed on a further rewrite of the ECIP so that it is brought up to the ECIP-1000 standard. Here to view the full conclusion.


    Dogecoin core dev Patrick Lodder proposed increasing open participation on dogecoin development by having an open, weekly PR review session to go over pull requests and more.


    Decred v1.7.1 was released with bug fixes and improvements.


    A Tokenomics and funding proposal was posted and is now seeking the community’s thoughts and discussions on the forum. The topic of discussion is the changes in the division of Firo’s block reward in order to increase community participation.

    FiroDEX, an atomic swap-powered DEX was released. It allows cross-chain swaps and interoperability and supports a wide range of chains

    Application and adoption


    BNY Mellon, the world’s largest custodian bank, is allowing institutional clients to hold Bitcoin and ethereum later this year. Learn more here.


    Tips via Ethereum are now available on Twitter, in addition to Bitcoin tipping.

    There are better tools for understanding how gas works. Etherscan added the estimated cost of the transaction actions list to its Gas Tracker. Hildobby.eth, a web3 data scientist, also released an overall dashboard on Dune to showcase various aspects of Ethereum gas on one page.


    Sia now supports “The Uncensored Library” by RSF. This library is filled with books that were censored, making them available for people around the world.


    Namecheap acquired a controlling interest in the Handshake registry and exchange, Namebase, which will continue to operate as an independent brand. Namecheap CEO is now hiring developers to work on Handshake.



    Not your keys, not your coin. It’s been 8 years since Mt.Gox was hacked on 2014-02-24. The community remembers the cyberattack, and the lessons learned.


    The recent ETHDenver conference concluded last weekend. Time to review the fruitful week built by developers. Check the following recap.

    Devcon 6 is scheduled to take place in Bogotá, Colombia. Follow this Twitter account to stay up to date on details about the event.

    Laura Shin unveiled what Ethereum’s 2016 DAO hacker’s identity to likely be in her recent article.


    Ross Nicoll, one of the most famous core devs for Dogecoin announced that he is stepping back from his previous development role on the network and will switch to an advisor role for the Dogecoin foundation.


    Kadena Eco, a new initiative, was announced to bring together top-tier thinkers, tech talent, and strategic capital in its ecosystem.

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