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    Mining industry


    Bitcoin mining revenue

    The Bitcoin mining competition got less intense as the network difficulty dropped by 2.14% on 2022-09-28. The average hashrate over the past 2 weeks was around 224 EH/s.

    However, as the prices also decreased, the unit revenue in fiat hasn’t seen an increase. It is staying at $0.08 per 1 TH/s over the past 2 weeks.

    Etchash and Ethash coins

    ETC, ETHW, ETHF charts

    For ETC, ETHW, and ETHF, their unit mining revenues are basically the same, and are now stabilized at around $0.0029 to $0.0030 per 1 MH/s. Mainstream GPUs can now produce positive revenues on those networks. The hashrate scales of those networks fluctuate, but generally stay lower than the day of Ethereum Merge, when ETH hashrate floods into those coins.

    Other GPU coins

    ERG and RVN charts

    Ergo hashrate scale goes back to the level before the Ethereum Merge, at 20 TH/s, and the general GPUs can now make a profit as they used to. While Ravencoin retains the new hashrate inflow, at 16 TH/s.

    Development and network


    Ergo’s EIP-37 voting will start from the block height of 844,800 and run until the block height of 942,08. Version 4.0.103 should be updated for voting of EIP-37 activation.


    Dash team has run a two-week hackathon in Tbilisi, Georgia, working at our highest level of efficiency to solve problems and leverage synchronous work. The goal is about same block execution, and at the moment, the first pre-release of same-block execution for integration is already done.


    Xaya completed its first Block Halvening on 2022-09-23 and its block reward is now 1.91 CHI to miners.


    ZEN 3.2.0 is now available and it is mandatory. The current version is expected to deprecate at block #1232222, which will occur around 2022-10-20.


    Conflux v2.1.0 upgrade will take place when the epoch number reaches 56800000, estimated on 2022-10-18. This Hardfork will activate 5 CIPs that will be enabled on 2022-10-25.


    Verge has completed its latest halving on block number 6200001, and its rewards have reduced from 25 to 12.5 Verge. Click here for the countdown of the next VXG halving.

    Application and adoption


    There are several macroeconomic news that came out this week. The Bank of England launched a £65bn move to calm markets, and Germany’s inflation rate hit a 70-year high. If you are considering a store of value and against money printing, do consider Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin Lightning payment app Strikes raised $80 million for its Bitcoin payment revolution. The funding round was led by Ten31, Washington University.

    Ethereum Classic

    ETC Cooperative has announced Gnosis Safe for Ethereum Classic. They are working on a full Gnosis Safe instance for ETC, and the Mordor testnet is live and ready for use.

    Also, ETC DAO has released’s project CHAMELEON, and the ECO token.


    Kaddex releases X-Wallet mobile signing integration. Users can now connect their mobile wallet to Kaddex and perform swapping, staking, and provide liquidity from the eXWallet app.


    Nervos has announced the GodwokenRises, a community-focused, fun-first web3 gaming and ecosystem blockchain for true mass adoption for web3. Learn more here.

    Community and more


    Bitcoin Amsterdam will be hosting from October 12 to14, click here for tickets.


    Grants are available to attend the Dogecoin hackathon for the devs Hackathon in Australia.

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